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September 9th, 2013

My laps in time on blog entries may have something to do with the new baby! I had another baby girl! Elena Marie Ochoa was born on her daddy’s birthday, February 14th, Valentine’s Day. I really need to stop saying that I just had a baby because my little butter ball is just days from being 7 months! The twins have adjusted way better than I could have even dreamed. She is our little princess and the best baby ever. Seriously, after the tornado the twins brought through when they were born, Elena is a breeze. I enjoyed my time home with the baby but I’m so SO happy to be back at work full time! Of course, like any proud mommy, I have pictures of the girls up around the office so when you come in take a look. I frequently get asked who takes my kids photos – it’s my dear friend Nikki at Moxie Photography Studio. Her website is www.moxiephotographysudio.com. We love her!

This time of year is always exciting with all my little folks starting school. My team and I wish our kids a happy start to this year. The twins are starting Pre-K 4! The thought of kindergarden is way to close for comfort! I know all the mommies are in high gear getting new schedules in order. As your little ones start sports, remember mouth guards! Mouth guards for any contact sport are so very important. You can purchase them relatively inexpensive at local drug stores. The “boil and bite” ones are the easiest and most customizable. If you need help, bring it in at your next checkup and we can adjust it for you. It’s way easier to wear a mouth guard then to fix a broken FRONT tooth!

Our office is officially 5 years old! Time seems to fly by so quickly. It feels like I was just opening 6 months ago. I’m so blessed to have all the help in my life to keep things running smoothly. I could not do all that I do without my team. Nikki our nanny of 4 years now, does a fantastic job of carrying for the twins and now the new baby. I find myself adopting the “Nikki” way of doing things because it just works better! My step dad, a retired school principal, has named himself “head of maintenance”. He is so awesome! He can fix it, repair it, touch it up, or install just about anything. He is the person that keeps things looking so new in the office. Who doesn’t adore their mom? I LOVE mine! In case you hadn’t figured it out already, my mom is my office manager. She does it all – literally she does everything! My mom has been in dentistry since before I was even alive so she has the experience and knowledge to “do it all”. My mom helps me to lead this way awesome team that runs Dentistry For Little Folks. I could not do my job without each member of my fantastic team. Daily I tell them thank you, give well deserved pats on the back, and pay complements for jobs well done! And my number one fan, Mario, my husband, I don’t have enough words to describe all that he is to me. He is my partner in crime and we have to be a pretty strong team to run our crazy house. We both agree, work is where we rest!

Dr. Ochoa

August 8th, 2012

Another month of summer gone! At the start of summer, I always hear parents saying “Yeah! Summer is here and kids get a break!” and at the end of summer parents are saying “I can’t wait for school to start…these kids have eaten everything in the pantry”. Well we only have one more month to enjoy a little fun in the sun! My little family did a Port Aransas trip for a few days this month and the twins had a blast! We built a big sand castle and they were convinced that a dragon was going to move in. I know many of my dental kids have also enjoyed a little fun in the sun too, because I see all the great tans coming through. If you haven’t made time for your dental appointment, do it now because right before school starts it gets really crazy around here!

So some of my patients’ mommies and daddies already know this news… but for those of you who don’t… Mario and I are expecting another baby! As I often discuss openly, we have to use medical intervention plus lots of prayer to conceive a baby. Because we use IVF, the chances of multiples is very very high, hence our twins. Although we wouldn’t trade our girls for anything in the world… multiples are a ton of work and we were really wishing for just ONE baby. Well lucky us because that’s exactly what we have. Just one little bean and we are so excited! The new Ochoa will come late February if everything goes as planned. We plan on waiting to find out if we are having a boy or girl! So everyone will have to wait along with us until the baby is born.

So I kind of pride myself on my happy helpful team, I figured if I treat my team members right then they in turn will treat me and my little folks with the care that they deserve. Well, when you have the cream of the crop working for you sometimes they decide to further their education and move on to another chapter in their life. That is exactly what has happened with Candi or as we call her around the office “Dulce”. Candi has been working for a few years now to make A’s in her night school courses, while being a mommy of 3, a wife, and rocking receptionist here at Dentistry for little Folks. Well the time has come and she has finished and was accepted into the Baptist School of Health Professionals Nursing School. I’m sad for me but so very happy for her! Way to go Candi, I’m very proud of you. You are a great example of what can be done with a lot of work and determination. Please know that you will be greatly missed! You have been such a joy to work with and we will keep lots of great memories that you have left with us! Go Candi Go!!

Dr. Ochoa

June 26th, 2012

Daughters of Dr. Jennifer Ochoa - Pediatric Dentist in San Antonio, TXWelcome to the Blog section of DentistryForLittleFolks.com.  Many of you know how hard I have worked on it.  Designing, programming, and developing all on my own!  As if I didn’t already have enough to do.  Well, I am so very very happy to say that I have handed it all over to a great company that I am extremely happy with, Dentists4kids.com.  Now, I am hoping to focus on my blog.  It is a section of my website that has been “under construction” for way to long. 

I’ll first say that babies grow way to fast.  I heard many of you mommies telling me that when I first opened my practice but I see it first hand now that my twins are officially 3 years old!  We are dealing with all the same things that I see going on with all the 3 year olds in my practice … running to the potty, independence, and having a mind of their own.  I have to admit that I do like that they are a bit more self sufficient than they use to be.  Mario (my husband) and I have a little more time to ourselves which is so nice!  When I see the older kids in my practice I can’t even imagine Lina and Giana ever being that big but I know the time will come so for now I will follow the advise that all the mommies have for me … “enjoy them now because they will grow up so fast!”

Our office has been open for 4 years this month!  I have to say that my team is awesome!!  And as you probably notice, we always have the same beautiful ladies working to help our office run.  It is with just a heavy heart that I will be saying good bye to Tatyana this month.  She is our Dr. Ochoa, Savannah and Staff at Dentistry for Little Folks in San Antonio, TXassistant with the Russian accent.  Although she will be greatly missed, we are so proud that she is moving on to attend dental hygiene school right here in San Antonio at the University of Texas Health Science Center.  Dr. Gonzales and I both got our degrees there so you know it is a good school.  Good Luck Tatyana and know two things: 1. That you will be greatly missed and 2. That you have a whole cheering team rooting for you!

Our most recent addition is Savannah.  Savannah did her internship with us and we loved her from the start but at the time we didn’t have any openings.   When Tatyana was accepted to hygiene school and we started interviewing, Savannah was a very easy choice.  She fits right in so perfectly! Savannah is easy to spot because she usually has a flower in her hair and she always wears a great big smile!  Find her and say “hi” the next time you are in our office.  She is still getting to know each of our Little Folks!

Dr. Ochoa

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